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Levels of Service

One-Time Test

DrugProof offers drug testing when you need it.  Parents want this resource
if their children have been exposed to the effects of drugs.  Employers can screen potential employees prior to employing them to weed-out the bad seed promoting a Drug Proof workplace.  Additionally, employers may need to test their employee “for cause”.  Department of Transportation tests are available through DrugProof.  These “one-time” tests can be purchased for DrugProof’s current subscribers as if the test were “randomly chosen”.  Let DrugProof cater to your demand.

Four Per Month

Depending on the type of drug or the method of use, some intoxicants cannot
be detected unless a test is performed within a few days of use.  DrugProof can randomly screen individuals on a weekly basis if their drug of choice or the way the drug is used only stays in their system a for short period.  This frequency of testing can only be out-done by testing the individual every day.  DrugProof’s random once a week testing can insure peace of mind.


Twice Per Month

Some people need accountability or proof to back up their clean living habits.  DrugProof’s twice-per-moth random testing plan will give those watching and the individual being screen the evidence of sobriety.

Once Per Month

One of the most frequently used drugs is marijuana.  Marijuana is also 
believed to be a “gateway drug” to the more addictive substances and it
remains in one’s system for roughly one month.  DrugProof’s once-per-month testing program will dissuade marijuana use or catch other substances based
on monthly screens.  Dissuade drug use by using DrugProof.

Six Per Year

Testing may need to keep those to be tested in their toes. Six tests a year
can keep track of good behavior when it is needed. DrugProof can make
you positively certain they are negative.

Four Per Year

Just because someone is being tested, does not mean they are avoiding
drugs.  Random quarterly drug tests are frequent to keep someone honest.  DrugProof’s plan is reasonable enough for households or businesses to justify keeping people straight.

Twice Per Year

Households and businesses need to be mindful of their budgets or bottom-lines.  DrugProof’s random selection is easily justifiable for both.  Your negative position about drug use will be positively clear when subscribed.

Once Per Year

Those in charge just want to know that what they are dealing with is Drug Proof. Testing individuals once a year removes doubts about the importance
of a drug-free environment.  Send a message with DrugProof.