How DrugProof Works

Testing Methods


The most common method of drug screening to date. Drug dilution could
occur within two hours of use. The half-life of the most common drugs is contained on another DrugProof page. Results can be available instantly
and tests can have tamper-proof safeguards for the dilution of a sample,
or the addition of foreign substances. Urinalysis is unpleasant to provide
and collect but 10 different types of drugs can be tested for in one sample.

Saliva/Oral Fluid

The swabbing of one’s mouth is non-invasive and is an easy sample to
collect. Swabs can be tested anywhere and results can be available almost instantaneously, but a small timeframe of dilution exists- ranging from
hours to 48 hours.


This type of test is very invasive and costly. Sometimes requiring a court
order. Accidents or incidents involving law enforcement usually call for
blood tests. The results cannot be tampered with but the testee must have recently ingested the intoxicating substance. Let DrugProof dissuade the necessity of these situations by testing.


Hair testing provides drug testing up to ninety days. Usage beyond ninety
days is possible, depending on the length of the hair, but the window of use
is not specific. Body hair can be used if the testee has little or no hair on their head. The frequency can be tested, which makes more reliable screens and results, in turn. Hair tests are more invasive and expensive, but minimize
the opportunity for adulteration.