How DrugProof Works

DrugProof offers several plans based on the average frequency of testing.
Some situations require frequent testing to be positive someone is negative. Other people merely need the possibility of a test to suggest or encourage appropriate behavior. You choose the plan which best fits your needs.

Pick the frequency, enter the contact information, and you are done.


You can manage several different participants at different frequency levels simultaneously whether you are an employer, friend or loved one, counselor
or law enforcement. DrugProof will scale to accommodate your specific needs.

In addition to our random plans, you can initiate a single test at any time
for any reason. Perhaps, you are suspicious, and would like to be positive; DrugProof can notify the previously registered participant — just as if they
were randomly selected.



The account administrator and the testee may be notified of the participant’s random selection via phone call, e-mail and/or text message. Multiple methods of contact creates accountability that the testee actually gives a specimen on the selected day. All the pertinent contact information is submitted upon registra-tion. Phone call, voice mail, text-message, and e-mail are the typical methods. Test DrugProof’s notification system now.


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Single Tests

Sometimes you just need *a* test. It is often complicated trying to have that arranged at a legitimate laboratory. DrugProof makes it simple. Register the participant and they’re headed off to the nearest qualified testing location.
All the paperwork and results are managed for your convenience. Qualified individuals can see the results as soon as they are processed. It doesn’t get
much easier than that.


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Today’s youth are exposed to more temptation than youngsters in years
past. Nobody wants to think their children are experimenting with drugs,
but sometimes you need to be positive. Good parents know their kids are negative. DrugProof’s random selection program can help insulate your household to protect your child from risky behaviors that can derail their potential for a lifetime. Whether troubles have already occurred or you

just want them to know you are paying attention. DrugProof’s automated process shows you do not condone - without requiring you to be the bad

guy who tells them when to be tested. Parents will be notified along with

the child on the day of selection. All the child has to do is report to a

qualified laboratory with sufficient identifying information for testing. DrugProof recommends either the monthly or twice-a-year plan depend-

ing on your needs.


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Successful businesses have drug-free work environments.

Drug testing doesn’t need to be a hassle. DrugProof offers a complete solution which brings you into compliance without management being the “bad guy”. DrugProof’s randomized testing service will notify the employee when they need to report to a nearby testing center. You can be “positive” about your workers without being “negative.” DrugProof offers group plans for manag-

ing large numbers of participants. DrugProof allows you to specify the exact frequency you require.


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Relapse Prevention

Early recovery demands accountability. Leaving a place of safety or locating new playmates and playgrounds creates new challenges. Those reeling from
the effects of drug abuse often benefit from having a tangible reason to say, “NO”. Sometimes just knowing they could be tested makes all the difference
in moment of weakness. DrugProof empowers the participant because of the random nature of selection - like the Sword of Damocles. DrugProof provides that accountability. DrugProof recommends either the weekly or monthly
plan depending on your needs.


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Law Enforcement

Officers have better things to do than collect urine specimens. DrugProof
offers a complete and competitive solution to managing the administration
of drug testing. Simply add your participants and be notified of the test

results. DrugProof offers group plans for managing large numbers of partici-pants. DrugProof allows you to specify the average frequency you require.


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Sometimes it is essential to create a track record. Folks can’t be expected to
“take your word for it”. They need your drug proof. Our randomized drug testing record makes a compelling case that you are clean. Laboratory results
can make the difference in the outcome of your situation; judges, attorneys
or disgruntled former-spouses can not.


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Good teams fight clean. DrugProof offers options for managing larger
groups at reasonable prices so that entire teams can be covered, so you
can keep your eye on the game. DrugProof allows you to specify the
average frequency you require.


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